GUM Grafting / Flapless Connective tissue Graft (Minimally Invasive)

When recession of the gingiva occurs,  it means that we have lost soft tissue and bone on the tooth. The tooth loses a natural defense against both bacterial penetration and trauma. When gum recession is a problem, gum reconstruction using grafting techniques is an option.

When recession reaches the mucosa, the first line of defense against bacterial penetration is lost. This reduces the prognosis of the tooth. It also increases the risk of tooth loss. 

Gum recession often results in root sensitivity to hot and cold, also pain on chewing foods, as well as an unsightly appearance of the gum and tooth. Gum recession can predispose to worsening recession and expose the root surface, which is softer than the tooth structure, leading to root caries and root gouging.

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The graft is obtained from the roof of the mouth to provide a stable band of attached gingiva around the tooth. The gingival graft may be placed in such a way as to cover the exposed portion of the root.

The Flapless Connective Tissue Graft procedure is highly predictable and results in a stable, healthy band of attached tissue around the tooth.

Dr. Zakaria has invented, developed, and performed the Flapless Connective Tissue Graft (Minimally Invasive) for the last 15 years with great success and wonderful results.

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